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"I have a couple of bulging discs with arthritic spurs poking on them and I went to see a neurosurgeon and before surgery they recommended I try a Chiropractor and Dr. Palmer came highly recommended. When I first came, I could not stand up at all. I could not stand even long enough to go to the bathroom. That's probably more information than you wanted. Working with him, he's gotten me to about 99% normal."

This patient was sent for an epidural during the course of care due to failure to meet the minimal 50% improvement over 4 weeks of care. He returned after the epidural and responded very well with the continued combined treatment.


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"I'm Christina, I'm about 7 months pregnant now so with the extra weight the baby is putting on the front side of me it pulls my back and feels weighted down, very weighted in the front. After receiving the stretching and manipulation on my back, it almost feels lighter, it doesn't feel as compressed."

This patient is receiving Cox Distraction Technique on her side to avoid pressure on her abdomen. The distraction opens up the spinal segments, decompressing the discs, and relieving facet pressure.


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"I am a patient of Dr. Palmer's, formerly a patient of another chiropractic clinic where I had 6 months of treatment with no improvement after 2 months and after just 2 or 3 visits with Dr. Palmer saw good improvement. I noticed a difference with the other doctors just adjusting my spinal column which left the pain in place afterwards and with this treatment with the medicine and the muscular treatments along with it, I've seen much greater success. I'm able to get back to work full strength and just enjoying my time sitting still for a change."

This patient was sent to his primary care physician for medication in conjunction with the treatment provided at our office. Because of the length of time and type of symptoms present, he was also scheduled for MRI and EMG testing. This improvement is a direct result of the multi faceted type of care we provide combined with the medical community.