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Trigger Points

Trigger points are knots that have formed in the muscles. They may be a result of single onset trauma, repetitive micro trauma, or a result of irritation from spinal ligament laxity. Janet Travel, M.D. mapped referred pain patterns associated with each muscle in the body. In discussing headaches we are mainly concerned with the muscle of the head and neck. We will only discuss the most common of the muscles involved that cause or contribute to headaches. The Upper trapezius, Levator scapulae, and Sub occipitals are the three most common. Additionally, there are a group of small muscles in the posterior part of the neck we will refer to as posterior cervicals. The following diagrams represent the referred pain patterns associated with each muscle:

Upper trapezius:

upper trapezius referral pattern

Sub occipitals:

sub occipital referral pattern

Levator scapulae:

levator scapulae referral pattern

Posterior cervicals:

posterior cervical referral patterns